On 16/12/2014, orphan designation (EU/3/14/1400) was granted by the European Commission to MIMETECH S.r.l., Italy, for (1S,4R,5R,7S)-3,4-dibenzyl-2-oxo-6,8-dioxa-3-azabyciclo[3.2.1]octane-7-carboxylic acid-L-lysine for the treatment of neurotrophic keratitis.

Patients with neurotrophic keratitis have lower than normal levels of growth factors that are normally supplied by the trigeminal nerve and which play an important role in the growth and survival of the cells of the cornea. The medicine is a compound that can mimic the action of a growth factor called nerve growth factor. When given as eye drops to patients with neurotrophic keratitis, the medicine is expected to help restore some of the normal growth processes in the eye and reduce the damage to the cornea associated with the condition.

The effects of the medicine have been evaluated in experimental models.